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30 Days to Making Money Online Workbook

The 30 Days to Making Money Online Workbook will guide you through the 30 Day process one step at a time.

This companion workbook contains clear and easy-to-follow action steps and exercises, that  will help you can solve the online sales puzzle step by step.

Every page is full of great information that will help you through each step of the 30-day training process.

This is available as a digital download. And can both be filled out on your computer or you can print.

Available for immediate access.

BONUS GIFT - The Gear & Software Guide

The Gear & Software Bonus Guide has all of the software and gear resources you’ll need to succeed, from cameras to microphones to imaging software. 

30 DAYS BONUS GIFT The Web Resources Guide

Don't know how to do something? Can't find the tool?

The Web Resources Guide is full of all of the web resources you’ll need to succeed online.

It contains everything you need to get started companies to sales copy experts. 

This guide is not available for purchase anywhere, and you get it as a FREE BONUS!

This is a digital download.
Available for immediate access.


30 Days to Making Money Online Audio Book


You can listen to it anywhere while on the go, and become an Online Marketing Pro while you drive, got to the gym!

The 30 Days to Making Money Online Audio Book will guide you through our process one step at a time. 

Listen For Free!!! With 30 Day Free Audible Trial
Don't Have Time?

Quick Start Guide To Online Selling

If you don't have the time to read 198 pages of everyhting you need to know to become successfull online, you can get a head start by learning what you REALLY need by reading The Quick Start To the Business Success Mindset.

Every page The Quick Start To the Business Success Mindset is full of the same great information as 30 Days to Making Money Online but in bite sizes... 

Learn what you need, in less than 60 minutes!

Available: Softcover, eBook & Audiobook.

Not selling as much as you would like?


Jump start your sales success by reading the information you REALLY need to have to succeed!

Every page The Quick Start To Online Selling is full of the same great information as 30 Days to Making Money Online but in bite sizes... edited to give you maximum results.

Learn only what you need, in less than 60 minutes!


Not quite sure how to find great products to sell online?


Find out quickly how to find top selling products by reading The Quick Start Gude To What Sells Online.

Every page The Quick Start To What Sells Online is full of the same great information as 30 Days to Making Money Online but in bite sizes... 

Learn what you need, in less than 60 minutes!

Available: Softcover, eBook & Audiobook.

Frustrated because your marketing is not working? 


By reading The Quick Start Guide To Online Marketing  you will learn what you need to be focused on, in order to get the results you desire.

Every page The Quick Start To the Business Success Mindset is full of the same great information as 30 Days to Making Money Online but in bite sizes... 

Learn what you need, in less than 60 minutes!

Available: Softcover, eBook & Audiobook.

Where are your clients hiding?


If you don't have time to read the 198 pages, get a quick start by reading just the information you REALLY need to find out where your clients are hiding online.

Every page of The Quick Start Guide To Finding Clients Online is full of the same great information as 30 Days to Making Money Online but in bite sizes... 

Learn what you need, in less than 60 minutes!

Available: Softcover, eBook & Audiobook.

Internet Sales Mastery Academy will help lay the foundation for your online business!
Point-and-click learning!
Designed by techies for non-techies . . . 
We have taken the complicated out of complicated.
Just point and click your way to sales!
U.S. online retail sales will grow 57% by 2018!

Online sales in Europe will grow to €233.9 billion by 2018.

E-commerce sales grew 36% in 2014 to $615 billion in Asia.

Retailers that have both a physical store and an online presence report an average of 23% growth.
Source: www.metrics .com

You don't need tech skills, you don't need design skills . . . you don’t need business skills. You just need the will to make money online! We will teach you everything you need to succeed online.

Our system is so easy and simple, an 8-year-old could follow it and become successful online.

With our program, you will be guided every step of the way to online success.

All you have to do is watch the training videos and implement the lessons. It’s as easy as that!

As long as you have a computer and an Internet connection, know how to browse the Internet, and have the desire to succeed, you have what it takes.

We will teach you everything from discovering what sells to finding customers, to setting up your online store.

Do you have what it takes?

"Internet Sales Mastery Academy' will get you up and selling online in no time. It's so simple, easy and fast."

Joseph Cortan, Toulouse, France

"I am not very tech savvy and have never sold anything online before. By implementing what I learnt from Internet Sales Mastery, I now have a fantastic looking website and sell my fashion collection online. 
I never thought that I could do this all by myself! Thanks for making it all so simple and easy. It's a dream come true!"

Elisabeth Rumie, NYC, USA

Learn at Your Own Pace - Anytime - Anywhere!

You can become an online sales expert and implement
everything at your own pace in our 30 Days to Making Money Online program.

There is no need to show up for a class at a specific time. You can watch your video training sessions wherever and whenever you like. You can do it in your home, your office, or on the way to work . . . or even at the beach.

Our training videos are available 24/7, so you can learn when you have free time!


"The Most in-Depth Training on Online Sales 
You Can Get Your Hands On!" Derek Volpfer

Here are a few of the amazing things you'll learn with the workbook:
  •  It is all about mind-set. In this module, we will set you up for total success. The one thing that sets successful people apart from those who are not is their mind-set, and in this module we will set you up to create that success. You will probably learn more about yourself than you ever have before. You are going to ask yourself questions that will likely have so much impact on the way you act, they will unsettle old patterns. I pretty much guarantee that this module alone is going to change your life, because it is helpful not only for your business success but for your overall success in life. Be warned, you may become extremely successful after this module!
  • We’ll show you how to spot trends. Here, we are going to see what really sells. We’ll also show you how to spy on what your competition is doing. There is nothing worse than putting all of your efforts into a product that will not sell. I have seen this over and over again. Once you have completed this module, you will know how to pick winners. You will never be left guessing again, and you will never be left with a warehouse full of products that do not sell!
  • We hone in on who you will be selling to. We take an in-depth look at who the customer is for your product. We will use strategies and techniques that big companies such as Apple, Amazon, and Zappos use to connect with their customers. This information is GOLD! My secret "who, where" formula you can use to design a dream business you LOVE... instead of ending up with a load of crappy clients who suck the life out of you and make you dread going to work each day...
  • I will show you how to start selling your product or service online without any risk. It’s the strategy I used to start my business with only a $9 investment. I’ll show you exactly what I did and how you can do the same, no matter what you are trying to sell online. This is a risk-free strategy for testing the market to see if there is any interest in your product. You will learn to fine-tune your offer, your product, your price, and your sales message. I will show you how to do all of this!
  • Discover a step-by-step walkthrough of how to set up your Web presence . . . your ecommerce store. No matter how technically adept or how clueless you are, and whether or not you have any sense of design, I’ll show you how you can do this all by yourself, with no expensive Web designer or Webmaster needed! I’ll go through everything, step by step, and explain it all in simple language that anyone can understand. I’ll show you everything you need to know about website design, technology, email auto responders, servers, hosting and domain names, and so on.
  • How to ethically steal over $1,000,000 worth of sales information and demographics from your competitors…
  • The critical "curiosity factor" you must use on the first page of your online store if you want to instantly stop traffic in their tracks and get them to keep reading...
  • We cover online marketing . . . If you don’t know how to market, you don’t know how to sell!! It is that simple. The better your marketing is, the easier it will be to sell your product or service. For the past few years, I have spent hundreds of thousands of dollars learning the best strategies and techniques from the most successful marketers in the world . . . From Frank Kern, who earned close to $30 million in a single day; from Mike Koenigs, who has had a number of online businesses and multimillion-dollar sales days and has also sold several of his companies; from Dean Grazziosi, who earns more than $200 million a year!
  • How to DOUBLE your sales online by taking the secrets, strategies, and shortcuts I've discovered after countless hours of research, trial, and testing and tens of thousands of dollars in coaching and mentoring and simply applying them to your own business...I have studied and talked to many of the top online marketers in the world. Then I boiled down and simplified their strategies, techniques, and secrets!
  • You will learn how to write copy that sells, and you will learn how to engage your customers with irresistible offers, how to write great emails, and how to retarget your ads. Having this knowledge will be your strategic advantage! This alone is probably worth more than ten times the cost of the course!
  • We will show you how to achieve sales success. Here you will learn the best strategies used by the top online sellers—the same ones I use to dominate my online sales. We will uncover your USP and will examine what buying triggers are. We’ll show you how to make your offer so irresistible that it becomes a no-brainer for your prospects to buy from you.I will show you the trick for establishing trust and eliminating your prospects’ fears of buying online (Just add this ONE thing to your page and you’ll instantly multiply your profits by picking up a BIG percentage of people who would normally never buy anything online!)
  • How to get inside the mind of your customer and offer products that will "scratch an itch" they have right now... so that you can maximize sales conversions and boost profits...
  • We will bring it all home by showing you how to turn your customers into raving fans of your business. This is really the same trick that Apple has used to become the most valuable company in the world. It’s a technique that all great companies, from Apple to Zappos, use . . . and you can use it for your company, no matter how small or what niche you are in. This is the strategy that will bring your customers back for more and more and will make them recommend your product or service to others!
  • We don’t share theories in this course. Everything we talk about has been PROVEN—first in our own online sales experience, and then in the experiences of countless other online top sellers.
  • We take the complicated out of complicated! We have made selling online EASY!

"I was a stay at home dad with two children, so I had to find a way to simple way to learn how to start selling online. Internet Sales Mastery Academy showed and guided me every step of the way. I have gone from no job... to my dream job! I make more money now than I ever have. Thank you Internet Sales Mastery Academy!"  

Roland Gebele, Munich, Germany

"What I learnt from Internet Sales Mastery Academy has changed my online business. The knowledge and guidance that they provide is fantastic!"

Heather Esposito, Huntersville NC, USA
Point-and-click learning!
Designed by techies for non-techies . . . 
We have taken the complicated out of complicated!

We have made selling online so simple, you basically just have to point, click, and implement your way to success!

Imagine waking up to an email inbox full of new orders and payments every day.

Imagine having a bank account that fills itself with money. Now imagine this happening every day, over and over!

You will no longer have to wait until a paycheck arrives at the end of the month to get paid. People buy online day and night, 7 days a week, which means that you get paid day and night, 7 days a week!

With our guidance, you will build your online store and start selling in no time. Simply watch our training videos and point and click your way around the Internet.

We’ll show you exactly what you need to do to become successful online. Our system is easy, detailed, and effective.

It’s time for you to discover how to FINALLY end your frustration with the nightmare of the current economy and gain the respect, admiration, free time, and financial security you’ve been seeking and you so richly deserve.

We have solved the online sales puzzle for you.

We have made it simple and fun for you make money online!

" I'm a psychologist and I have worked trying to learn lots of online programs. I struggle with technology. Rolf's Programs are different. 
They're very clear, and they're step by step. They're really so different from the others that I have tried and bought and spent tons of money on. 
He really cares that you are successful."

Sharon, Phoenix, USA

 "I want to recommend you this program. It helped me a lot to increase my income, I'm sure it will help you as it helped me. Great content,…"

Fernando, Buenos Aires, Argentina
FAQ: Got Questions?
How long will it be before I start making money online?
This really depends on you and on how soon you want to start making money online!  

Once you have read the 30 Days to Making Money Online book, you will have all you need to get started.

Our training videos will guide you each step of the way, from researching your product niche to knowing exactly who your customer is, all the way to shipping and customer follow-up. You will get access to two training modules a week, in which we will teach you exactly how to start selling online, the correct way. 

I have zero tech skills . . . and zero sales skills. Can I still sell online?
Have you bought anything online? Can you send an email? If you answered yes to these questions, then you have all the tech skills you need!

Everything we teach is point-and-click simple. It’s so easy, even a child could do it. Simply follow the exercises in the workbook. 

We show you exactly what to do. We give you a full list of resources that we have used and tested. 

We have taken the guesswork out of the process for you, because we know what works.
Are there live  training modules ?
Not at this time 

Do you have audio training course?
We have the Audio Book of 30 Days to Making Money Online. 

This means you can listen to the whole course while you are on the go, in the gym, in your car, bus or while on a plane. You stop, rewind, and listen to them over and over again. This lets you learn at your own pace whenever you have time. 

What if this doesn’t meet my needs?
No problem. We offer a full 30-day money-back guarantee. 

If you buy 30 Days to Making Money Online today and don’t agree that it’s worth every penny we said it was, we will promptly refund your money. No questions asked, just send us the completed workbook and any materials we shipped you and we will send you a full refund. 

You have our word on it. 
Is this GUARANTEED to work?
There are no guarantees in life.
However, I am 100% committed to making this work for you. If you put in the work, I’ve seen this strategy work for hundreds of people.
More importantly, I want you to be committed. It’s very easy to try something and give up when it gets difficult. If you don’t think you’re going to follow through with this course, you shouldn’t join.
I have another question...
If I didn't answer all of your questions, click "other question" link below and let me know what is holding you back from joining the 30 Days Program. I really, truly, sincerely, know it will help you, so I just want to know what you're struggling with. Click here if you have any other questions . . . and you can get started!
How do I get started?
Simple . . . CLICK HERE . . . and you can get started!
About Internet Sales Mastery 

We started Internet Sales Mastery Academy because we saw a growing need to take the mystery and complications out of selling online.

Every day, more and more people are buying online. There are endless options for setting up shop and selling online. Some solutions are good and others not so good; some are outright bad. It is very confusing and overwhelming.

We have more than 20 years of online sales experience, and we know exactly what works and what does not. What worked yesterday may work today but may not work tomorrow . . . what may not work today can work tomorrow.

The online game is a puzzle, and we know how to play the game and solve the puzzle!

We teach you only what is important and what really works.

You don’t need any technical or special skills.

Our online program guides you to success, one puzzle piece at a time, until you have solved the entire puzzle of how to sell online successfully. No matter whether you are just starting out and have no sales skills or you are already selling online, we will help you achieve success!

About the founder of the
Internet Sales Mastery Academy
Rolf Magener

Rolf Magener, is a best-selling author and founder of the Internet Sales Mastery Academy, he has started several successful online businesses in the last 20  years.

Rolf has over 30 years of extensive media and advertising expertise. 

He has worked around the world with high-profile companies such as Revlon, Versace, Tiffany & Co.,  and has collaborated on International advertising campaigns with International advertising firms such as DDBO, Ogilvy & Mather, J. Walter Thompson,  just to name a few.

He and his books have been featured on more than 9000 websites, including ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, CW and FOX News, and several newspapers and magazines.

Rolf loves to reveal the strategies and techniques that he used to go from dead broke to retiring a millionaire in less than 4 years later, all from an initial investment of only $9.

    "Hey, this is Dr. Sharon Crane. Just like to let you know about Rolf's Programs. I'm a psychologist and I have worked trying to learn lots of online programs. I struggle with technology. Rolf's Programs are different. They're very clear, and they're step by step. They're really so different from the others that I have tried and bought and spent tons of money on. He really cares that you are successful. That's a major difference, so I would highly suggest that you look into Rolf's Programs, that you try them, and you will be amazed at what you can accomplish. If I can do it, anybody can do it. Take care"

                    - Dr Sharon C. • Phoenix Arizona - Psychologist
     "Hi Rolf. I just wanted to say a quick thank you for your book. I've read it and it really helped me to launch my first book about fitness and meditation. Before it was just a dream. Now, the first book is launched and the second one is about to launch. I'm very excited. I'm very optimistic for the future. With your book, it made it easier. Thank you, Rolf"
                                  - Joseph • Toulouse France, Health & Fitness Expert
      "I most recently started an online business right in New York, and I could not tell you the help that I got from this incredible book and program to help me start and answer all these questions that I had. I want to thank Mr. Magener for the incredible help that he has given me through this so difficult process..." 
                                  - Elisabeth • New York City, USA - Rain NY Clothing
     "Hey, my name is Heather and I wanted to give a quick video review of Rolf's book, the Mindset Reset. As a coach, I read a ton of books like this every year and what I loved especially about this book was the fact that he gave all content. Most books tend to be 99% fluff and just a little bit of content. His was all content. It really cut to the chase and gave you the tools that you need to really change your mindset quickly if you do the work.
     I highly recommend if you haven't gotten it already to get his book and not only read it, but to do the work so that you can create the life that you want by shifting your mindset and getting to the core of what's preventing you from that. I hope you have as much fun and self discovery as I did."
                             - Heather • Charlotte, North Carolina - Peak Performance Coach
     "Mindset Reset, for those who are considering taking a look at it or buying it and using it, it's a fantastic program which will really give you the edge that you need to succeed when it comes to the inner game, right. There's lots of tools out there that help with the strategy, help with mechanics of success. Those are great. Those are easy to find. There are many, many of them.
     Really what makes the difference between those who are successful and those who aren't, between those who actually use those tools and put them to good use until they get to the point where they succeed and the difference between those who don't is the psychology, the inner game. The mindset. You really do need a program that's going to give you that edge. That's what Mindset Reset does, that's what it's all about. That's what it's designed for.
     If you feel like you need that extra edge, you feel like you've got a bunch of tools but you're still not quite where you want to be in terms of success, take a look at Mindset Reset. Use it. You'll be happy you did because it'll take you to that next level and you'll finally create the mindset you need to succeed, which is really the key to success. Go for it and use it well."
                                  - Ryan • San Francisco, CA - Master Success Strategist
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